Work Experience

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SCHUBOT EXOTIC BIRD HEALTH CENTER                                                 COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS Position: Animal Caregiver                                                                                                April 2014- Present

o    Perform animal husbandry and monitor well-being of multiple avian species
o    Assist veterinarians in animal sampling, blood draw, and medicating
o    Provide birds with stimulation and plan enrichment activities

NASA PET HOSPITAL                                                                                                                   WEBSTER, TEXAS
Position: Kennel Technician                                                                                    October 2012- May 2013

o    Performed post operation husbandry on canine and feline surgery patients monitoring their well being in addition to meeting their medicinal and dietary needs.
o    Aided the veterinarians and technicians in their daily activities.
o    Collected blood, fecal, and urine samples and carry out a variety of diagnostics including heartworm tests, Spec CPLs, and fecal floats.
o    Interacted with clients and provide them information to facilitate the success of their pets and their satisfaction.
o    Monitored stock supply of necessary materials and record, organize and maintain in house supply of these items.

WILDLIFE CENTER OF TEXAS                                                                                                HOUSTON, TEXAS Position: Wildlife Care Assistant                                                                          June 2011- August 2011

o    Participated in the care and treatment of over 250 different species of injured or ill native Texas wildlife.
o    Supervised a volunteer pool of over 350 people delegating tasks and duties as well as mentoring newer volunteers.
o    Educated adults and children of the general public in multiple educational seminars involving the usage of our captive educational ambassadors in an attempt to encourage peaceful coexistence with native wildlife.
o    Managed large volumes of phone calls from the general public and preformed intake on wildlife center patients.


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