About Me

I am an undergraduate student at Texas A&M University pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Biomedical Sciences. After attaining my Bachelors degree, I hope to attend the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary medicine and attain my DVM degree from this institution. It is with this degree that I plan to pursue a career in veterinary medicine with a particular interest in wildlife and shelter medicine.

I am heavily involved in both wildlife rehabilitation and wildlife research. My involvement as a volunteer, intern, and employee at the Wildlife Center of Texas has enabled me to gain experience in the medical care and care techniques of the over 150 species of native Texas wildlife which the center intakes annually. As a laboratory assistant in the Hamer Lab at Texas A&M University, I have assisted in ground breaking research on Chagas Disease and as an employee of the Schubot Bird and Health center at TAMU, I am involved with research associated with the pathology of multiple diseases in both domestic and wild birds. This involvement both in the lab, behind a microscope, and hands on with these animals has fueled a passion for the natural world within me which acts as a defining force in my current life and future goals.


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